11Nov 2014
Top 5 Things To Do When Cleaning After Moving
Top 5 Things To Do When Cleaning After Moving
Showing purity and cleanliness is definitely the right way to make a good impression even when leaving the old house, but it`s often a journey that continues all day long or maybe a couple of days for bigger apartments. Except for the overwhelming moving checklists, the order of your belongings and their arrangement in the moving van, cleaning in the moving-out day is not a good idea. So, begin the cleaning procedures as soon as you pack the items and the objects from the inventory list and take your free time to expect all the rooms and corners by following these Top 5 ideas:First - get rid of the heaviest garbage or the unusual stuffs like old papers and letters. They pile mostly in the kitchen or at the entrance door while often the recycle bin is just around the corner of the street. It would be a little bit of a hike, but it will definitely save more space and enhance the order in the house. Sorting and de-cluttering of the unusual stuffs for recycling is one of the most important things to do when cleaning the old house. From the one side, this will save more space in the boxes and in the moving van, while on the other side - you can use a complimentary service of the moving house company like recycling services if possible. Don`t forget to fix a date to turn off the utilities after moving out, which is usually at the end of the month but not before the relocation, yet it`s quite important to have lights or water at the moving day.Second - to ensure a free leaving of the apartment without any damage fees - inspect all the corner and areas in the rooms and don`t rush. Some hidden staples or hangers behind the doors are the most usual thing to forget. When removing these yet small objects, there is a great chance to damage slightly the door or the paint of the wall. Because of that, supply your friends and family members with gloves and special cleaning solvents for removing glued objects on surfaces. Leave clean doors and walls or try to erase all the visual imperfections on them.Third - the most important and the most time-consuming thing to do is to clean the rooms themselves. Each room has its own unique items and objects to get rid of, but the cleaning process is the most difficult one. For example, let`s take the kitchen - the floor, the sink and the oven require dish detergent, while the door of the refrigerator should be clean from outside, as well as from inside. Or else, let`s take the bathroom - begin with cleaning the sink, the toilet and the tub, while leaving the mirrors as a grand finale. The outside areas like balconies, terraces and porches also require some special cares when cleaning, especially if you have pets or young kids.Fourth - make photographic materials to prove the cleaning date of the apartment and its condition at the moving day. Take photos in each room, including the upper corners and the backside of the doors, under the beds or inside the refrigerator. It`s not needed to get obsessed by the cleanliness to make more photos, just the most important things.Fifth - prepare to return the keys in a proper condition and a possible aromatization in the rooms is another thing to keep in mind. Ventilate the rooms with fresh air and wipe out the dust. Then, just a short extra inspection of the rooms is another hint to consider.

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