27Sep 2016
They were very cautious with our things during the home removal. Very efficient and pleasant blokes to be around. I recommend them for any jobs of this kind you need done, Moving Wales were a great choice.
Sylvia Fulwell
17Mar 2015
RemovalsWales are certainly the best removal company around. I am almost certain that the experience I enjoyed at the hands of their staff cannot be matched by another company out there and anyone would be hard pressed to find a quality service at such an affordable price.
Andy K.
14Jan 2015
Being an artist means that moving house can be a huge effort. I have a lot of painting supplies and equipment that can be difficult to transport. I was thankful when I contacted RemovalsWales and found out how reasonable their removal van hire was. It was brilliant to have so much space in the van to pack all my equipment in without worrying about it being squashed or damaged. They were by far the most affordable moving solution I found.
Paul M.
17Dec 2014
RemovalsWales has helped me with office removals, home removals, packing and man and van services. I have used them so many times and you'd think at some point they would let me down or I would get sick of using them. But I really don't. They always treat me really well and very fairly, which is what I respect about them. They don't delay clients, add on hidden fees or expect you to pay the earth. In my opinion, they are the best removals company ever!
Mike Green
29Apr 2014
There's not much more to say when it comes to the very best in moving experiences. I have been through quite a few and the one company who have stood out to me over the course of time is RemovalsWales. They just seem so much more knowledgeable than every other company out there and I must say that they were a huge help during both mine and my friends moving processes. If you are looking for the best help, then I can definitely suggest them as being the best around and I think you should give them a call right away.
Kelly Collins
16Apr 2014
In the event that I am ever in need of a removals company again, I will be using RemovalsWales for the second time. They helped me and my wife move last week, and we were extremely impressed with the job that they did. From advice on packing properly, to dropping things off in the right rooms, there was so much that they did for us to ensure that the move went ahead in a calm and successful way. I want to thank them on behalf of my wife as well, for making everything so easy.
Max S.
06Apr 2014
I needed a man with a van, but I had no idea where to begin my search. I was trying to keep my spending to a minimum since I'd already spent out on deposits and rent, so I started looking for companies that weren't going to charge the earth. I called RemovalsWales based on their reviews, and after having such a great experience, I just had to write one for myself! My movers were perfect and knew just what to do, even my small doorways and massive items of furniture weren't a problem! Nothing was damaged, the movers were friendly and the whole process was really quick. I even managed to stay in budget! Thanks!
Sarah R.
27Mar 2014
I was moving after my divorce to a smaller apartment and simply wanted a reliable company to load the items and deliver and unload at the other end. My work mate told me about a firm shed had previously used and said they had various services. So I called RemovalsWales and booked a meeting to discuss what I wanted. I said I was happy to do the packing, and just needed the help in loading and the transit. This was fine, and they gave me a quote that I was very happy with. The day of the move arrived and it just went perfect.
Jen Matthews
01Mar 2014
Getting the help I needed was a big part of making sure that I got a great moving experience, and that was what I got from RemovalsWales. They were there every step of the way to make sure that I found exactly what I needed in order to properly move home as quickly as possible, and overall efficiency was a big part of what I needed from my removals firm. Everyone on the team passed with flying colours and I shall certainly be hiring them again should I ever need to move home another time.
Theresa Harris
10Feb 2014
I was worrying so much about moving home that I never really stopped to wonder how much the right removals firm could help. RemovalsWales were absolutely fantastic, and I could really feel how long they'd been working in the industry. You don't realise it until you see it up close, but that kind of professionalism is only ever admirable and was a huge influence, I believe, in the speed with which we were able to move into the new flat. Getting there was simple, thanks to them, so I cannot recommend them enough.
Amanda G.
31Jan 2014
I dealt with RemovalsWales via telephone to set up what seemed to be an uncomplicated removals appointment; until I realized that I had made a mistake with my moving date and actually needed an earlier date! In a panic I contacted my assigned moving consultant who assured me that she would only need a few minutes to try and move the appointment. I thought there was no way they would be able to accommodate me on such short notice; however, within 2 minutes of my call she called me back to say that it wasn't a problem at all and they would have a crew on my doorstep on time to get the move done in time. These are professionals who know what they are doing for sure!
Phil U.
21Jan 2014
I felt as though I couldn't move into my new home without professional help and that was all because of my antique furniture! I recently became the owner of a dressing table, a wardrobe and a dining room table that are all extremely old and very delicate. I really didn't want to see them become scratched or damaged when it came to moving day so after a lot of research I called RemovalsWales to help me out. My movers were able to get everything safely from point A to point B and I didn't have to worry at all! If you have delicate items that you want to keep safe for your move then this is a great company!
Nicholas B.
03Jan 2014
Three cheers for RemovalsWales who got the Butler family moved recently. We had a wonderfully easy time throughout the move because the removals team were so very good! I can assure anyone out there who is looking for a removals crew to get them from A to B, that this lot are the company for you. Service with a smile, no breakages and a very affordable price, what more could you want? Once again, thank you and well done!
D. Butler
19Dec 2013
I hired RemovalsWales to move my large furniture for my home move. I was able to pack most of my belongings but was having trouble moving my larger furniture and mattresses. A friend of mine recommended RemovalsWales and they were able to quickly remove all my furniture in no time. They even put protective covering over my couches and chairs to ensure that during removal, the upholstery was not damaged. My home furniture removal couldn't have been easier. I would definitely recommend them for anybody planning a large or small home move. Thanks for the great effort!
05Dec 2013
Happily, I can recommend RemovalsWales to anyone out there who is after a great removals company! You will no doubt find that you can rely on these guys to get the move done properly, with no messing about. I found them to have a great deal of skill and expertise in the world of removals, which I admittedly know nothing about! What I do know is that nothing was broken, they were punctual, and the price was not outrageous, so I can't ask for a lot more really! I would suggest that anyone who is unsure of their needs call them for a chat, as they are very helpful.
Sarah Abbott